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Keeping your home clean isn’t an easy task. It’s not something that you can do once and you’re done. Maintaining your homes cleanliness is daily, weekly and monthly occurrence. Think clean as soon as you or anyone steps into that house. A shoes off policy is a great way to start. When you leave shoes at the door you prevent dirt, grime, soil, leaves and other baddies from entering the home. The more you, your family and your guests keep it clean the less work you will have on your designated cleaning day. Now folks that was the first secret of clean houses!

The other massively important tip is “do not become a hoarder”. The items which you haven’t used for more than a year, besides anything that is decorative, is quiet simply dust collectors! If you aren’t going to use it, then lose it. Toss it out, get rid of it or sell it. Just don’t keep it sitting there and cluttering your space and making your cleans much harder. Make space for other things and have a place for everything.

Clean as you go. People who look like they always have a clean house is because they follow this rule. They don’t wait till the place turns into a nuclear holocaust until they start cleaning. Everyone should be contributing, the kids need to pack away their toys, dishes washed and tables wiped after cooking, clothes washed and hung regularly and being organised. Do not wait for things to pile up.

Storage is key to being organised and clean. Buying the proper storage boxes and labelling everything helps everything stay in its place. This makes items easy to find and put back in their rightful place.

You can’t always stay on top of cleaning your house and don’t put that pressure on yourself. The bigger the place and the more people that live together the harder it is and the more effort required to keep the place clean. A professional cleaning service is always a call away and can help within your budget.

The items which you haven’t used for more than a year, besides anything that is decorative, is quite simply dust collectors!

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